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Our Employment Law Team provides knowledgeable advice and firm advocacy for a wide range of issues that may arise in the course of your employment relationship. Because CBM represents both employers and employees, we can provide you with practical advice and valuable insights that come from understanding a variety of employment issues from each perspective.

Employment Agreements

Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is essential to have a well-drafted employment agreement that clearly establishes the rights and responsibilities that will govern the employment relationship. Having a written employment agreement is often the most practical and proactive method to avoid future disputes or misunderstandings with your employer or employee, which in turn reduces the risk of costly and time-consuming litigation. Our Employment Law Team can assist you review, negotiate or draft an employment agreement to ensure that you fully understand, and are protected by, your contract.

Employment Standards

Employers in British Columbia are required to comply with the Employment Standards Act, which establishes fundamental rights employees enjoy in relation to issues such as overtime, payment of wages and leave from employment. Failure to comply with the Employment Standards Act can expose an employer to a complaint before the Employment Standards Branch as well as considerable fines for non-compliance. CBM can help employers ensure that they are fully compliant with the Employment Standards Act. Furthermore, if you are an employee whose employment standards rights have been infringed, our Employment Law Team can help you enforce these rights through a complaint, and if necessary a hearing, with the Employment Standards Branch.
Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate

Employers in British Columbia are required to comply with the Human Rights Code, which prohibits harassment or discrimination against employees on the basis of certain protected characteristics such as disability, sex, age or race. CBM can assist employers understand and comply with their duties under the Human Rights Code. This includes finding the delicate balance required to accommodate an employee’s protected characteristic to the point of undue hardship. For employees who have been subjected to harassment or discrimination in the workplace, our Employment Law Team can assist you by filing a complaint and appearing before the Human Rights Tribunal to ensure that you receive fair compensation as well as those additional remedies provided by the Human Rights Code.

Dismissal and Severance

The dismissal of an employee can be an emotionally fraught experience that, far too frequently, leads to costly and time-consuming litigation. CBM has considerable experience negotiating severance packages and providing dispute resolution services, permitting both the employer and the employer to move on with their lives. Typically, after a short consultation with our Employment Law Team, we can advise you as to the appropriate range for a severance award as well as how to favourably structure such an award.
Nevertheless, when litigation cannot be avoided, our Employment Law Team can guide you through the court process with confidence. Whether the claim proceeds in Small Claims, Supreme Court or an administrative tribunal, CBM will provide you with the firm and knowledgeable advocacy necessary to succeed.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with us if you require assistance or representation in relation to an employment matter.

Our Employment Law Team

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Thanks, Steve. Your patient guidance has helped keep our family together after my spouse’s death.


Mr. Simpson handled my case in a professional matter, and was very balanced in presenting all sides of the information for consultation. He was very thorough in his case knowledge, and was respectful in understanding the specific family aspects of my individual case, and trying to assist in coming to the best resolution for my family. I appreciated his sensitivity and understanding for the situation, and I would recommend his services to any in a similar situation.


One is never prepared for such an unpleasant and scary situation and [I] deeply appreciate the help navigating it all. The knowledge, professionalism & wisdom made the experience as good as it could be. You really do a great service to the community. I am sure it must be challenging dealing with people who are stressed out and emotional (this was definitely me). But it is great to be able to confidently trust that someone is capable of acting in one's best interest. Anyways, thanks again for everything.

K.W. (Langley)