Have you or has someone you know been injured? If so, please read the following information.

Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers has extensive experience representing clients regarding motor collisions and personal injury claims involving whiplash, fractures, brain injury, quadriplegia, spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death.

Our highly experienced personal injury lawyers at Campbell, Burton & McMullan LLP have the knowledge, skill, and insight to provide you with the assistance you need to overcome the trauma of being injured to receive the settlement you deserve. We will ensure you receive access to the necessary systems that will assist you with your recovery. Our legal team will work diligently with our network of medical and professional experts to help you receive the best possible compensation for your injury.

We approach each case on a unique, individual basis. This flexible and focused approach ensures your particular needs and best interests remain our highest priority throughout our handling of your case.

To achieve successful results, we present the best evidence in support of your case. Several professional expert reports are often required. A considerable upfront financial investment may be required for this high quality of evidence. We have the resources to cover all of the necessary costs of your claim to ensure that you receive the best possible compensation.

Here are a few examples of cases handed by our lawyers:

  • Out of court settlement of $2,100,000 plus costs
    A child was hit by a car while a pedestrian and suffered significant injuries, including a brain injury
  • Out of court settlement of $1,500,000 plus costs
    Man suffered multiple injuries, including a brain injury
  • Out of court settlement of $1,170,000 plus costs
    Woman suffered traumatic brain injury as a result of a heavy object falling on her head while a patron at a restaurant
  • Judge Ordered Award of $1,100,000 plus costs
    Man suffered an injury to his shoulder in a car crash, which affected his ability to do his job as a carpenter
  • Out of court settlement of $950,000 plus costs
    Woman suffered an injury to her arm while shopping in a retail store when she was struck by an employee pushing a trolley of merchandise
  • Judge ordered award of $880,000 plus costs
    Man died as a result of a motor vehicle collision, leaving behind his wife and two young children

*Gross recovery before legal fees and taxes. Each case is different and results will vary. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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