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  • Signing a will

Why Is It Important To Prepare a Will?

The team at CBM Lawyers recently invited Kristyl Clark, a local blogger (ValleyMom.ca), to chat with CBM Associate, Alisyn Killeen about the process of getting a Will.

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  • Real estate lawyer and client looking at a laptop

Purchasing Commercial Property

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, there are three important things to consider, or as Scott calls them - the three P's. What are the three P's you might be wondering? Each P stands for a key factor in commercial real estate - parties, property, and price.

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  • COVID-19 store closure notice

4 Practical Tips for Business Owners Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With more than 19 years working in corporate, commercial and real estate law, lawyer and partner at CBM Lawyers, Scott Johnston, knows the possible detrimental impact COVID-19 will bring for many business owners. To help navigate the current crisis and what’s to come, Johnston shares 4 practical tips for business owners:

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