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5 Steps to Protecting Your Business

As a business owner, opening your own business is a huge first step, but that is just the beginning. There are a few more steps you will want to follow in order to keep yourself and your business protected.

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Estate Litigation Part 2

Gene Fraser, Litigation Lawyer, explains how CBM Lawyers can help you if you feel as though you’ve been unfairly treated in a will. He outlines who would typically challenge a will, how often it happens in court, and how to plan your will carefully.

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Estate Litigation Part 1

Gene Fraser, Litigation Lawyer, describes some important issues to keep in mind when considering how to protect and pass on what is often your most valuable asset, your house. He explains the most common forms of property ownership and how they affect how the asset is distributed in the event of death.

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Township of Langley Businesses Featuring Scott Johnston

Our very own, Scott Johnston, former President of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce, was featured in a video by the Township of Langley alongside other influential business owners and professionals in the municipality.

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