Keeping Divorce Civil:

The demise of a family relationship is one of the most difficult situations that people can go through. The reality is that relationships sometimes come to an end despite our best efforts. For everyone involved in the relationship, including children you might have, it is in everyone's best interest to resolve the separation while maintaining an amicable relationship.

The best way to keep divorce civil is to be fair. That means that each partner must respect and be fair to their ex-spouse, as well as their children. People often get caught trying to get a leg-up on someone rather than focusing on a fair and equal outcome. Fairness, in the long run, will benefit all parties involved - especially young children who are caught in the middle.

The other thing that we often recommend to our clients is that you seek support outside of legal aid. A divorce is a highly emotional time in one’s life. For that reason, we encourage our clients to find support in addition to legal aid, which can mean a counselor, spiritual or religious leader, or even a close family friend. Finding people with similar shared experiences can help keep things in perspective and allow them to be more civil during the process.

Hire a lawyer to help walk you through the process and find the best approach for your situation. Legal aid will provide the information and guidance that you need to understand your rights and obligations under the law, as well as necessary advice in making decisions.

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