I just wanted to say thank you to Tom Murphy for working so hard on my case.  It was  long 5 years, and now its over. If it were not for my accident I would have never met Tom.  Not only was he extremely professional but he also had a lighter side to him which put you at ease. Anytime I ever received a phone call  from Tom, I was always greeted with “Hi, how are you doing,”  genuinely concerned about my life and not just my case. Not typical of most people. Every year I would receive a Christmas card from Tom and his wonderful team, who by the way were extremely pleasant to talk with.  There were times Tom and I would speak on the phone (not billed of course)  just about life, family vacations, and people we met along the way. It wasn’t always just about the lawsuit, it was more personal than that. When my law suit was over, it made me sad to think I wouldn’t get to see or talk to Tom again. I told him this in our final meeting, and he told me ” Well  I’m only a phone call away.”  I thought that was so sweet and Tom, you will be missed! Thank you again for all your sincere hard work and kindness.
L.S. (Abbotsford)