For landlords seeking to lease their premises to commercial tenants, we prepare standard form lease agreements and ensure that all provisions of the same are carefully considered and fully documented to protect your interests, limit your exposure to liability, and ensure that the rent is paid when due. Our Real Estate Law Team drafts definitive Leases (Triple Net and Gross), Tenancy Agreements, and Equipment Lease Agreements, Personal Guarantees, and Indemnity Agreements, all to secure and establish the rights and obligations of both landlords and tenants with greater clarity. For tenants seeking to lease space for their operations, we assist with your review of standard form Leases, Assignment of Lease and Landlord Consents, and Lease Modification Agreements, Lease Renewal Agreements, and related documentation and security. We provide our comments and valuable insight to ensure the same are reasonably drafted, fair and equitable, and provide the terms and conditions that you need to enjoy your leased premises in order for your business to flourish.