CBM Divorce Lawyers Help to Set the Tone

The resolution of a relationship can be complicated not simply for the division of assets and support considered, but largely due to the emotion resulting from such a conclusion. It can feel overwhelming for some.  That’s why it’s important to turn to an experienced divorce lawyer to consider the situation from two perspectives: the negotiation itself, and the tone in which the negotiation will take place. Wherever possible, we seek to help our clients to separate the emotionalism from the negotiation so that the best and most efficient deal possible can be developed. This requires diplomacy, collaboration and calm. However on occasion, the position of the opposing party is such that a more aggressive stance must be taken. We have a broad range of experience in this area and can adjust our style to what is needed. This can certainly include a battle in court, if that is what is required for a satisfactory conclusion for our client.

We help with all Aspects of Divorce and Common Law Separation

At CBM Lawyers, we help clients with a number of legal issues associated with divorce and common-law separation, including but not limited to:

  • Custody and Access – During a separation or divorce, you must arrange for the care of your children which includes handling living arrangements, schooling, health and other vital decisions.
  • Child Support – The Responsibility of financially supporting children falls to both parents.  For those who do not have custody of their child, child support is based on your income as well as the number of children you have to support.
  • Spousal Support – Since the law sees spousal relationships as financial partnerships, spousal support may be required after a separation or divorce.  One partner with more income or assets may be tasked with supporting the other.  This is decided on a case by case basis.
  • Division of Property – After a marriage ends, property must be divided up equally.  The law provides the value for the property that was acquired during the marriage and divides it up equally between the spouses.

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