CBM Lawyers can assist with all areas of foreclosure and collection, including commercial loans (such as through a bank or investment company) and loans taken on for the sake of a business (such as credit cards, mortgages, unpaid invoices, trade credit, etc.)   We also advise clients regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure issues, which are sometimes the only way to collect amounts owing.

It can be challenging to collect on owed amounts without the assistance of a lawyer. We regularly help a wide range of clients with services in this area. Examples include banks, private investors, and businesses of a wide range of sizes.

We assist clients in examining a range of options, and then choosing the best method of resolution. For smaller amounts, Small Claims court might be the best plan of action. For debts where a continuing relationship is needed, a negotiated payment program may be better suited. For larger debts that repayment is more critical than an ongoing relationship, a full legal challenge may be more appropriate.

Let us help you to determine and pursue the right collections strategy for your situation.