Business disputes can occur at any time, but those involving the business structure and management relationships of a business can be particularly challenging. Such disputes often put a hold on company business as the very foundation of an organization is in the balance.

Disputes between shareholders, directors and business partners can arise for a variety of reasons. Examples might include disagreements over company direction or development, disagreement over company actions, or simply due to poor personal relationships between the parties. Disputes can also arise due to conflicts of interest, when owners or managers might have interests in another business.

We advise majority and minority shareholders all aspects of shareholder and other business disputes, or potential disputes. Our clients in this area have included private and public corporations, societies and partnerships.   We’ve also assisted with claims under the oppressions sections of the Business Corporations Act, and in derivative actions. It is not uncommon for our firm to be asked to review shareholder agreements in advance of signing to identify potential gaps and areas for concern.

We work closely as appropriate with members of our business law group. We are also experienced in dispute resolution through other means (such as mediation).