Successful businesses require regular interaction with service providers, suppliers, and the public. It is inevitable that disputes may arise. When they do, the Corporate/Commercial Litigation Team at CBM Lawyers can assist with a variety of dispute resolution options. Often, communication either directly (with advice from your lawyer) or by your lawyer may be the most expeditious method of resolution. But if that doesn’t work, there are other options to consider:

  • Mediation: Commercial mediation is one method of business dispute resolution that can be more efficient and cost-effective than taking the dispute to court. Our trained business mediator has assisted with the successful resolution of a wide range of business disputes. For more information, see our Mediation and Arbitration page.
  • Arbitration: For parties who are not able or prepared to talk the issue through collaboratively in a mediation setting, you may wish to resolve the dispute through arbitration. This involves both sides telling their story to a neutral third party, who then determines the solution. CBM has a trained arbitrator who can provide this service. For more information, see our Mediation and Arbitration.
  • Court Action: When discussion or more robust dispute resolution actions don’t work, then it might make sense to take the issue to court. Our Business Law Team works in concert with our Corporate/Commercial Litigation Team to represent our clients in court. For more information, see our Corporate, Commercial + Estate Litigation page.