We sat down with Rick McMullan and asked him what advice he could give on what you should do if you've been involved in a car accident.

Collect information

After you’ve been in an accident, even if you think it is minor, it is important to get all the details and collect as much information as possible. Exchange your information with the other driver. Make sure, at a minimum, you get the other driver’s name and licence plate number but it is best to get as much information as possible such as driver’s licence number, contact information, vehicle make/model, and if the vehicle is from outside of BC, insurance details. It is also important to make note of your recollection of the accident. Write down the location, date, time, how the accident happened, and the weather and road conditions at the time. If it is possible, take photographs of the vehicles involved and any damage. Also, take down the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Assess your injuries and get any necessary medical treatment

If you are injured, it is important to receive medical treatment in a timely manner and to report your injuries to your physician. It is also important to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations such as attending physiotherapy or performing stretches and exercises.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer

It is important to consider protecting your legal rights and hiring a personal injury lawyer who has a duty to work in your best interests. A personal injury lawyer will be able to explain the process following an accident and can advise you of your rights and responsibilities.

If you were in involved in a car accident and are in need of legal advising or consulting please contact us.