It has been a little over a year that we have been experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, and there were definitely questions on how to approach parenting arrangements given the circumstances we all face. Especially in the early stages of the pandemic, there was a lot of confusion amongst parents and even lawyers and judges as well, on how to manage things moving forward. 

Some people concluded it would give them the right to stop the other parent from having any parenting time with their child whatsoever. This definitely is not true and the courts have been really clear about the importance of both parents being available, especially during a pandemic. It's even more important now that a child has time with both parents and sees how they’re handling the pandemic. The child is likely dealing with something that, at this stage of the game, is probably the most stressful thing that they’ve experienced in life. 

It is important for parents to make clear arrangements to ensure they both safely have time and parenting rights with their child during the pandemic. If you are having trouble arranging this, there are legal resources available to consult and discuss what the best options are for you and your child. At CBM we can help support and guide you through the steps needed to ensure your child has adequate parenting time with each parent. 

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