In this blog CBM Associate, Michael Dupuis, shares more reasons why you may want to consider incorporating your business. As a sole proprietor, there are many advantages to incorporating, including gaining name protection for your business. 

In many situations, incorporating your business is a benefit for your name protection. While incorporating doesn’t give you the same protection as if you outright trademarked a name; it does give you more protection than if you were using your name just as a sole proprietor. Even if, as a sole proprietor, you were to register your sole proprietorship with the BC Registry and register a name to use, that name does not carry any weight vis-a-vis an incorporated name.

How this could affect you is when another business is vying for the same name. For example, you could be using a business name as a sole proprietor and someone could come along who wants to incorporate that same name. They would have the right to do so because as a corporation, that name takes more precedence over the sole proprietor. This would cause you to risk your name that you’ve built your business reputation with. 

To avoid the risk of losing your name protection, you may want to consider incorporating. If you’re looking or curious to incorporate your business, we can assist you through the full process at CBM Lawyers and answer any new questions that may arise. 

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