Are the Courts Open During Covid-19?

In the past six months, countless businesses and services have had to shut their doors and reinstate proper measures for the safety of their staff and clients. BC Courtrooms, although very much an essential service, were forced to close in mid-march through to the beginning of June. Select cases and critical proceedings were handled during this time remotely or virtually in some cases,  with a majority of cases pushed to a further date.

As of September 2020, both the provincial court and supreme court are open for obligations and starting actions. The ability to remain open comes with the requirement that all courtrooms adhere to limited capacity regulations and strict social distancing. What this means is that there is no particular waitlist or system to get your actions started or to have an application heard. These new restrictions can make the process slightly complicated, as it limits the timeline for filing applications and the legal process.

In the new COVID-19 environment, reopening the courtrooms is a strenuous process. The reopening process involves rearranging furniture, installing sanitation stations, and setting up a new indoor traffic flow system. It also means that a significantly smaller number of cases will be brought before the court per day - resulting in a delayed legal system for the time being.

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