When applying for a grant of probate, it is important to be familiar with the authentication process and understand the timely task of obtaining a grant. Continue reading to find out what you should consider when applying for a grant of probate, and how long it takes to get a grant. 

What Should I Consider When Applying for a Grant of Probate?

People often assume that as soon as someone has passed away, they must step in and deal with everything immediately. However, it is important to take intentional time at the beginning of your loss to start the process of grieving. It is not necessary or essential to call your lawyer immediately after someone has passed away, as your lawyer can not do much to assist you until they have a death certificate, which can take a week to obtain.

Our first advice to someone who's an executor of a loved one is to take time to process and grieve. When it comes to the length of completing the probate process, it can take 1.5-2 years for a fairly straightforward estate, or longer if the estate is more complex. The law contains a number of procedures and steps in the process to safeguard the assets and ensure that the people who are beneficiaries of the estates are aware of their rights under the law in BC. We focus on building long-term relationships when working with an executor on an estate, and prioritize assisting them with the many administrative steps. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Grant of Probate?

How long does it take to get a grant of probate? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question. For a fairly straightforward estate, from the time we start working with an executor until the time we obtain the grant of probate is typically four to six months. However, if an estate is more complex it will likely take longer. Yet, what does straightforward mean in terms of an estate? A straightforward estate includes beneficiaries that are all adults, competent and all locatable, therefore we can find where they are. The assets would also be fairly straightforward, including a property, some bank accounts and investments, and nothing particularly complex. Lastly, the Will itself would have no issues such as writing, marks or being unstapled. With these factors, it is much easier to receive a grant of probate in a timely manner.

We at CBM Lawyers make it our mission to truly get to know our clients and help them through difficult situations, such as Estate Planning. By hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the process of applying for a grant of probate, you can expect knowledge, experience, support and guidance.

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