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Can a Child or Spouse Challenge a Deceased’s Will?

According to the law in British Columbia, children or spouses of a deceased individual can challenge the Will, providing they meet several conditions. The circumstances of this happening to a Will depends on the means and needs of the parties involved. The court will take into account what assets the parties already have, the size of the estate, and the listed beneficiaries.

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  • A mom homeschooling her kids during the pandemic

How has COVID-19 changed parenting after separation?

Parenting after going through a difficult separation is a challenge for all families. Learning to navigate the new normal and find a routine that works for everyone involves balancing the lives of both parents and children and making sense of a new routine.

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  • BC courtroom inside picture

Are the Courts Open During Covid-19?

BC Courtrooms, although very much an essential service, were forced to close in mid-march through to the beginning of June. As of September 2020, both the provincial court and supreme court are open for obligations and starting actions.

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