How Can a Family Mediator Help Me?

Family disputes are a reality of life, and some require outside assistance to resolve.  When those issues relate to the dissolution of a family and the parties can’t negotiate an agreement between themselves (the “kitchen table” style agreement), it can… Read more

Family Law is Emotional (So, Keep a Cool Head)

I don’t normally write about family law, despite practicing it.  But, I’m going to break that trend this week… And, I’m going to start from scratch, from the basics. In case you didn’t know, family law is an incredibly emotional… Read more

How to Obtain Protection from an Abuser

Whether or not you choose to believe it, domestic violence is incredibly common. Here are some statistics: In 2006, 12% of all criminal prosecutions in BC were domestic violence cases; Only 28% of victims of spousal violence will actually… Read more