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Why the Province of B.C. Wants You to Have a Will

This year the Province of B.C. declared April 8 – 14 to be “Make a Will Week”.  During this time, you may have heard radio programs and read newspaper articles on the importance of making and updating your Will.  Wills are not mandatory for B.C. citizens, so why would our government take such steps to promote this legal document?

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CBM Expands To New Walnut Grove Location

The CBM team grows even bigger with our expansion into the Walnut Grove community with the addition of James MacLean. James brings over 35 years of experience to help us better serve Langley.

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5 Steps to Protecting Your Business

As a business owner, opening your own business is a huge first step, but that is just the beginning. There are a few more steps you will want to follow in order to keep yourself and your business protected.

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